Soundstage One SM Mobile stage with a band performing on the stage


When organising an event, in many cases, an element of construction shall often be involved such as the construction of a stage or a marquee for example.  Under the CDM regulations 2015 the event organiser has clear responsibilities to ensure that construction is managed in a safe and structured way.

Soundstage One is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stages, sound and lighting to events.  We have prepared this free guide which outlines how the CDM regulations may apply to your event and what you need to do.


Soundstage One – CDM Regulations Guide


Soundstage One – CDM Regulations Guide PDF

This information has been compiled by Soundstage One as an overview of the responsibilities of an event organiser under the CDM regulations 2015 and also illustrates how this could work when working with Soundstage One.  The information  contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive,  licensed under the Open Government Licences and is not intended as a full guide to these regulations.  We recommend that all event organisers undertake suitable due diligence in understanding the CDM and other relevant regulations provided by the HSE and other organisations.  The information provided is subject to change and may be superseded. E&OE.