Soundstage One stock a large range of 100 volt line public address equipment. This is commonly used to provide even sound coverage across large areas such as;

  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Show sites
  • Campsites
  • Race circuits
  • Parade routs
  • Buildings and marquees

A 100v PA system is also useful at a stage show as a relay system for changing rooms or VIP area.

Some PA systems can be run on batteries and another common use is as a back up emergency announcement system, often recommended for large events as part of the emergency evacuation plan.

Unlike some older style Tannoy systems designed for mainly announcements our systems use full range speakers which are better suited to both music and speech. This means background music, jingles and even adverts can be played for example to augment your arena entertainment, exhibition or trade show.

Our 100 volt systems can be zoned providing the ability to make announcements across the whole area or to specific locations within your site.

  • Large stock of 100 volt horns and column speakers
  • Over 5km of cable
  • Can provide coverage of large sites
  • Various zone control options
  • Playback equipment: CD, Minidisc, MP3
  • Radio microphones and radio links
  • Suitable as an emergency announcement or back up system
  • Experienced installers
  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor or outdoor locations
  • Can be provided with a mobile commentary box

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