The Disability Discrimination Act is now in force and organisers of events have duties to comply with.

Over 10% of the population suffer from hearing impairment. The DDA now in force states that anyone offering services to the general public must make ‘reasonable’ adjustments to ensure they do not discriminate against the disabled including the hard of hearing.

At events this will include how they can interact with your staff at locations like information desks, registration points or other interactive situations.

Use of an induction loop system is generally accepted as a suitable way to aid communication with people who have hearing difficulties.

Our portable induction loop systems transmit to hearing aids within approximately a 3mtr area of the transmitter box. As opposed to a full induction loop system to cover a whole room or large area which requires lengthy installation this system provides a more cost effective solution to cover a smaller area.

Many organizers provide an allocated area for hearing aid users  to sit into which one or more PIL systems will be located to provide a hearing aid induction loop area which is a far more cost effective option than trying to provide coverage to a large area where it is not essential.

  • Fully transportable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Battery or mains powered (rechargeable)
  • Displays the ‘Required Loop System’ sign
  • Fully compliant
  • P.A.T. tested
  • Displays the required signage

Make sure your events comply with The Disability Discrimination Act. Hire this portable induction loop for only £45 + VAT per unit, per week, (excludes carriage).

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