Fully Mobile Trailer Stage Unit

The LoCation is a fully covered trailer stage, towed by a 4×4 or lorry, which transforms into a stylish stage in around 30 minutes. The mobile stage is ideal for smaller shows such as:

  • Smaller roadshows
  • Promotion events
  • Christmas lights switch-ons
  • Utilised as a festival extra stage

The LoCation also performs well as a robust front of house control position.

Ideal for fairs, markets and outdoor exhibitions

The LoCation offers a range of distinct advantages over a traditional constructed stage. It can be installed and removed extremely quickly and comes complete with internal backstage areas and fittings.

Due to its size and construction, using a turntable axle, it can maneuver into remarkably tight and small locations.

The LoCation mobile stage has a number of facilities pre-installed designed to ensure the smooth running of your event.

  • Two enclosed backstage rooms
  • Internal lighting
  • Power sockets throughout
  • Frames installed for branding

LoCation facilities

The two backstage rooms are enclosed and can be used for storage, control or as a changing room. Internal lighting and power sockets are fitted throughout. A number of frames are also installed, suitable for easy and smart branding of the stage.

The LoCation is often used as part of a production package including sound and lighting and in most cases equipment can be transported within the stage cutting down on costs and further speeding up the installation process.

LoCation Stage Standard Format

  • Full mobile trailer stage unit
  • Ideal for smaller locations
  • Suitable for small outdoor stage requirements
  • Covered performance area up to 4.6m x 4.2m
  • Approx. 2ft floor height
  • Backstage areas
  • Internal light fittings and power sockets
  • Backstage entrance
  • Approximately 30mins set up time
  • Integral branding options

Additional Stage Structures

  • Front of stage barrier
  • Front of House control structures
  • Disabled viewing platforms
  • Loading ramps and bays
  • Stage risers

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