Our range of outdoor stages to suit all kinds of events

Soundstage One has developed a varied range of unique outdoor structures which form the hub of our work and provide a solution to any outdoor stage requirement.  We have carefully considered the needs of specific types of performances, timescales and cost effectiveness in the range we offer.  The result is a combination of quick install mobile stages and larger temporary structures.


The SM mobile Stage

  • Providing a cost effective solution for smaller and medium sized live events
  • Drive in arched roof trailer mounted stage
  • 7.5mtr x 6mtr performance space with extension options
  • Install time of only 1 hour
  • Can be provided with Sound and technical package
  • PA wings with flying towers

The ShowRig II Mobile Stage

  • Our most popular stage for a cost effective, turnkey solution
  • Complete with secure changing room, built in generator , power distribution throughout and fitted lighting
  • 10mtr x 6mtr performance space with extension options
  • Drive into site stage with install and de-rig times of 1-2 hours
  • Impressive 1.5mtr floor height as standard with flexibility
  • PA wings with flying towers
  • Technical equipment and front of stage barrier can be carried on board

The SRT Mobile Stage

  • Ideal for smaller shows
  • Drive into site Truck stage with quick set up time
  • Fully covered with built in power distribution and lighting
  • 6mtr x 5mtr performance space
  • Approx 1 hour installation time
  • Can be provided with a towable power generator
  • Sound and lighting equipment can be carried on board
  • Approx 1.2mtr floor height

The Shelpod Stage

  • A smaller version of the Cavern Stage
  • This unique design provides an attractive focal point as well as a well covered versatile performance space
  • 10mtr x 7.2mtr or 9.6mtr performance space
  • A lightweight lighting truss can be suspended from the roof
  • 1 Day installation time
  • 1mtr floor height as standard but the floor height can be varied

The Airdome Stage

  • A unique inflatable roof system with internal support truss makes  this stage cost effective for it size
  • 15mtr x 7mtr performance space
  • 1 Day installation time
  • 1.5mtr floor height

The Cavern Stage

  • Extremely popular for Orchestral performances
  • The large Saddlespan roof provides a covered off stage area, the large roof over hang at the front provides better rain and sun protection and allows for an extended stage space if needed
  • 18mtr x 10mtr performance space with extension options
  • 1-2 Day installation time
  • 1.5mtr floor height as standard
  • Access Ramp as standard

The Eagle Stage

  • Our largest and most heavy duty Stage
  • Ideal for suspending heavy loads of sound, lighting & scenery
  • 18mtr x 12mtr performance space in its largest format
  • Can be configured in various smaller formats
  • 2-3 Day installation time
  • 1.5mtr floor height and 10mtr roof height with options