Stage for Rock Concerts, Festivals and other Outdoor Events

The Soundstage One Kestrel stage is the smaller relation of the Eagle stage and is perfect for outdoor concerts and festivals.

Like its big brother, the Kestrel stage uses heavy duty super truss beams and self climbing towers. This creates an extremely versatile and robust roof from which top line concert style lighting and sound can be suspended.

The Kestrel stage is built without the need for a crane and is normally constructed within one day.

Additional side towers can be added to the stage from which items can be suspended.

  • Public Address Systems
  • Video Screens
  • Branding Scrims

Kestrel Stage Standard Format

  • 12m x 9m performance area
  • 1.5m floor height
  • 10m tower height
  • 7.5m clearance
  • 4-12 tonne flying capacity
  • Can be installed on grass or hard-standing
  • 1 day build

Additional Stage Structures

  • Front of stage pit barrier
  • Front of House control structures
  • Disabled viewing platforms
  • Loading ramps and platforms
  • PA Towers

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