East of England showground are a long standing client of Soundstage One. They organise a number of different events each year with requirements varying considerably. Soundstage One works very closely with the Showground team to provide stages, sound equipment, lighting and rigging.
In particular the Soundstage One rigging team now have an extensive knowledge of the Peterborough Arena operated by the Showground and are often brought in to provide advise, riggers and equipment to ensure any productions and events requiring suspended equipment in the venue are catered for.

Recently Soundstage One was contracted to install a integrated PA system to allow announcements to be made throughout the various buildings at the Showground. This was an extensive installation which required state of the art control equipment to allow a number of different facilities such as remote inputs, emergency announcements and announcements to individual areas.

The relationship with the East of England showground continues to grow.