For a number of years Soundstage One has provided its Cavern stage to Beatherder as the main stage.  The lay of the land and extensive special requirements have made this installation a challenging task in the past but after working closely with the organisers and the local authorities an effective and efficient solution has been implemented for a number of years.

Of course each year the festival changes slightly and Soundstage One has adapted to the differing requirements to accommodate the creative and logistical requirements.

More recently the small brother to the Cavern stage ‘The Shelpod stage’ has been added to become a second stage.  Once again initially it presented challenges as the stage location is within woodland with restricted access and precise location of the stage was required.  Once the Shelpod is erected in this wonderful location with the lighting on stage and around the trees it was clearly worth the effort and looked amazing.

Soundstage One often undertakes challenging requirements which require the Soundstage One team to give thought to the logistics and procedures required to complete the task and so far we a proud to say that we have always delivered even when some said it could not be done !!